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Shoestring was a quirky detective series first shown on BBC1 in 1979 and 1980, and starred Trevor Eve as Eddie Shoestring. In my opinion it was the best detective series ever. If you haven't already done so, please visit the excellent but unofficial Shoestring website, which has absolutely everything except a filming location guide - which is where we come in!

This website aims to identify the filming locations for all (270-ish) of the exterior scenes.

IBoth series on DVDBut first, if you haven't already got your copy of both series of SHOESTRING on DVD, then order it now. The rest of the site will make so much more sense if you do!

Shoestring was shot in a variety of different locations. It was mainly set in Bristol and much of the filming was indeed shot in and around Bristol (especially Clifton), making use of the local landmarks.

The regular interior scenes such as Radio West studios and offices were filmed at the BBC studios in Ealing. Many of the more mundane shots such as shop fronts and general road scenes were shot in and around West London, and at various locations in the south of England.

Click on an episode title below to see the location details for each episode.

Website started: August 2012.     Last updated: 1st May 2019

  #Series 1Found  #Series 2Found
1.0Opening Titles               Completed!  10/10Opening Titles (same as series 1)
1.1Private Ear                     Completed!   10/102.1Room With A View                       9/13
1.2Knock For Knock          Completed!25/252.2The Teddy Bears’ Nightmare  Completed!12/12
1.3Higher Ground                    updated9/102.3Mocking Bird                                7/10
1.4An Uncertain Circle        10/112.4The Mayfly Dance                        7/12
1.5Listen To Me                  Completed!6/62.5The Farmer Had A Wife  6/11
1.6Nine Tenths of the Law      16/172.6Utmost Good Faith                  10/14
1.7The Link-Up                        4/82.7Looking For Mr. Wright            7/10
1.8Stamp Duty                        19/212.8Another Man’s Castle  10/17
1.9Find The Lady                     14/152.9Where Was I                    10/13
1.10The Partnership              Completed!16/162.10The Dangerous Game        18/22
1.11I’m A Believer11/12

There are still many Shoestring locations which have not yet been identified. If you recognise any of the locations then please email

with as much detail as possible.

And many thanks to the people who have already contributed

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