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The Credits
Many thanks to the following people for contributing clues, information or actual locations

In roughly chronological order:
Kline, Mikey, Glyn Horton, Geoffers, Cooper_S and SainT from the Britmovie website .
jno and 'nry from the Minder website
Dene Kernohan from the eddieshoestring website
John Foxwell from the Ealing and Hanwell scout group
Phil from the churchcrawler website
Oscar Charlie One One from the Sweeney Lounge
Harryshand from the TV Lounge
Steve Edge and Nick Jones from the West Somerset Railway
Geoff Leonard
Aaron Gray
Jonathan Godwin
Bob Richardson
James Briggs
Harry Fielder - Britain's most prolific supporting actor - check out his website Harry 'Aitch' Fielder. 
Gerry Brooke at the Bristol Post newspaper, and his readers:
    Ian Davis
    Keith Ettle
    Nicholas Mullin
    Keith Butt
    John Hughes
    Patrick Morgan
    Chris Lyddon
    Dave Branfield
    Alan Revell of the Avon Valley Railway
Graham Downie from The Fairground Association of Great Britain and his colleague Clifton Hill (what an amazing Shoestring name!).
DavidB, nimbimbim, and the members of SABRE (the Society for All British and Irish Road Enthusiasts)
John Watts of the Salvation Army, Bristol
David Mack and carlt from the Canal World forums
Chris Kelly
Rich Clark
Jacqui Wilcox
Christopher Coombes
Andrew Pixley (from his book which accompanied the early copies of the complete series DVD set).
Paul Bussey (found many difficult locations)
Lucy Jagger and Karyl Weir via email  
Mark Turner via email
Les Hudson via email
Julian Manhood via email - found some really tough locations on "I'm a Believer"
Special thanks to the late Robert Banks Stewart (producer and co-creator of Shoestring) for digging out memories of 35 years ago!
And to Jessica Hogg and James Codd of the BBC Written Archive Centre, Caversham for their help, especially with the episode "Knock for Knock".