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Opening Titles
These shots are all within a very small area in Bristol, around Clifton/Brandon Hill and the old centre of the city.

pic#Screen shot
Location notes
Eddie walks down the road in the first shot of the title sequence.Eddie walks down Constitution Hill just west of the junction wth Bellevue, in Clifton, Bristol.
1.0.20Eddie walks down a flight of steps.These are the steps leading from the northern end of Belleview Crescent down to Constitution Hill in Clifton, Bristol (above).
It is NOT Goldney Lane nor the White Hart steps, nor the Christmas steps.

The top of this wall has since been removed and a wheelchair/pushchair friendly ramp has been built on the other side of the wall. The pipe at the side of the steps is still there.
1.0.30Eddie ducks behind railings.Although this looks a bit like the Commercial Rooms in Corn Street Bristol, it's not.

The actual location is the Bristol Register Office on the corner of Corn Street and Broad Street. These days the gold balls have been painted black and the railings are largely obscured by modern railings and steps, but it's all still there including the fluted columns seen in the top right of the picture.
1.0.40Eddie walks down a road with a clock overhanging the street.The clock identifies this as Broad Street in Bristol, opposite the Thistle Grand Hotel.
1.041Eddie looks over the top of a pillar box.This is probably the pillar box on the west end of Baldwin Street, Bristol, about 30 metres from the last shot of the opening titles in which Eddie is drinking his cuppa.

This is the only pillar box in the area with the remains of a Post Office direction sign on top of it.
Chimney pots and roof tops.
This one probably took 20+ hours to find...

The clues here are the large number of pots per house which means a house with many floors, the dead straight terrace of around 20 houses, the party walls, the up-hill view, and most importantly the unusually high vantage point of the camera.

So, this is almost certainly Caledonia Place in Clifton, Bristol. And where is Eddie standing to see these roof tops? Answer: The roof of the Avon Gorge Hotel, which features in the episode "Room with a View". The BBC crew stayed at the Avon Gorge Hotel when in Bristol, and the actors also rehearsed there.
1.0.43Eddie walks down some steps.This looks like the West End multi-storey car park on Berkeley Place, Bristol.
1.0.45Eddie sits on a park bench above the city.This shot is a view from Brandon Hill (see the next entry) towards Redcliffe Parade in the middle of the picture. Today, the view from Brandon Hill in this direction is completely obscured by tall trees.
1.0.50Eddie lies on a park bench above the city.This is looking out across Bristol from Brandon Hill, near the Cabot Tower in Clifton.

Although the top half of the picture could be anywhere, the detail in the background underneath the bench clearly shows the buildings around the Albion Docks.
1.0.60Eddie has a cuppa.
For some reason this shot always made me smile.
Eddie is standing on the corner of Broad Quay/Baldwin Street in Bristol city centre.The building in the background is the Bristol Hippodrome.