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The Partnership

Screen shot
Location notes
1.10.10The episode opens with a view looking north from Welsh Back towards Victoria Street Bridge.
1.10.20Jenny Kelson comes round the corner in her Mini...She drives from Baldwin Street into Welsh Back, Bristol. These days this road is blocked off to vehicles.
1.10.30...and stops for a chat with Sonia outside Radio West building.Welsh Back, Bristol again.
1.10.40The Mini and a Triumph Stag pull into the filling station.In other episodes it is clear that there is no filling station next to the "Radio West" building so this is not in the location suggested in the programme.

The actual location is at 213 The Vale, Acton, London, and is now a Shell filling station.
1.10.50Sonia looks out of the Radio West office window and sees Ray talking to her friend.This shot is from the building next door to the filling station which, at the time of filming was Fire Protection Ltd, but is now Access Storage Solutions.
1.10.60Eddie goes to the travel agents where Jenny Kelson works.This location was the Ealing Travel Centre at #3 The Broadway, Hanwell, London. It is now a piano shop.

The customer here is played by Kevin Whately
(Inspector Morse, Lewis etc).
1.10.70Eddie follows Jenny Kelson through a shopping arcade.This is the Broadmead shopping arcade, in the centre of Bristol.
1.10.80When Jenny Kelson drives off in her car  Eddie has to grab a passing taxi.This is the Horsefair, Bristol.
1.10.90They follow the mini down the motorway...This shot shows them going westbound on the M4 approaching the turn off for the Heston Services, West London.
1.10.100...and turn off for the services.The mini is on the westbound sliproad off the M4 and is going into the Leigh Delamere services. This shot is taken from the road bridge over the motorway.
1.10.110Jenny stops at the motorway services, and Eddie follows.This is the Leigh Delamere Services on the M4 – but even though they are supposed to be heading east (from Bristol towards London), these are the west-bound services.
Whatever next!

1.10.120Eddie follows Jenny Kelson over the motorway bridge to the services on the other side.This is the east-bound Leigh Delamere services on the M4. The bridge and ramp are still there.
1.10.130Eddie follows Ray to Vista Park Farm Kennels.This is Huntingford Kennels, Swinhay Lane, near Charfield, South Gloucestershire.
Eddie follows Ray to a betting shop in town, and takes a few sneaky pictures of Ray and his mate (seen in the background).The betting shop was at 31A Boston Road in Hanwell, London.

The yellow fronted shop to the right of Eddie can be seen on-screen as the Golden Chip - and it's still there.
1.10.150Eddie talks to Jenny on the phone from the Radio West building.This is a rare shot of one of the characters actually inside the building on Welsh Back.

As the real building was owned by the GPO at the time this is an appropriate shot !
1.10.155Eddie buys sausages at the Butcher's shop to drug the dogs.This was at 147 Uxbridge Road, Hanwell, London. The shop is now the Hanwell Halal Meat Cash & Carry.

This is only 50 metres away from the travel agents seen at the beginning of the programme.
1.10.160Eddie goes into the arts centre where the exhibition is being held.This is 5 Kings Square, Bristol.