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Private Ear

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
1.1.10 The taxi arrives to pick up Sarah Marshall from the Bel Aire Sauna. This is Bigwood Lane, in Bristol, about 200metres south east of the Cabot Tower.
1.1.20 David Carn’s Rolls Royce on the beach This is on the shore of the River Severn estuary, near New Passage Road, just north of the English side of the second Severn Crossing bridge. The old Severn Bridge can just be seen through the mist in the background.
1.1.30 Eddie leaves Erica's flat Erica's flat is in Royal York Crescent, Clifton
1.1.40 Eddie finds refuge in his boat. The boat belonged to Shoestring creator and producer Robert Banks Stewart and he said  that it was moored in Richmond, London.
Read the interview with Robert Banks Stewart on the main Eddie Shoestring website.

The best guess for this location is on the bank of the Thames, off Ducks Walk, East Twickenham. If so, then Asgill House can be seen through the porthole. This area has been developed since the filming.
1.1.50 Eddie and Don talk about an idea for a new radio programme, with the Radio West offices in the background. The exterior shots of the Radio West offices/studios were in Welsh Back in the centre of Bristol. The interiors were sets at the BBC's Ealing studios.
1.1.60 The Lightship pub, just across the road from the Radio West offices. The Lightship pub was moored at the edge of the docks on Welsh Back as shown in the programme.

The lightship has long gone, but the site is now occupied by the Spyglass floating restaurant.
1.1.70 Businessman Tony Hendry arrives at his offices. He is going into One Redcliff Street, Bristol.
The buildings in the background have since been demolished and redeveloped.
1.1.80 Eddie is "invited" to talk to Tony Hendry in an old railway carriage. This is Bitton Railway Station on the Avon Valley Railway, east of Bristol.

Mr AR writes: I was Treasurer of the Avon Valley Railway at the time. I spent the whole day with the crew and had lunch with Trevor Eve and the other members of the cast and crew. The fee we received helped keep the fledgling railway preservation project going as the next quarter's rent was due but we had no money!
1.1.85Eddie visits David Carn at his house to talk about his relationship with Sarah Marshall.This is a house on Down Road, Winterbourne Down, north of Bristol,
1.1.90Eddie pays a visit to Tony Hendry at the Brinsley Park Sports Club where Hendry's company has corporate membership. This is the Bank of England Sports Centre, Priory Lane, Roehampton, London.