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Knock for knock

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
1.2.02Claire Stevens is under anesthetic at the dentist, and starts talking about her recent car crash which killed her husband.
The dentists was at 21 Haven Green, Ealing, London W7. The address is still the Haven Green Clinic.
1.2.06 Eddie meets Claire Stevens at the site of the crash to discuss the case. This is the junction of Gravell Hill and Lower Strode, Chew Valley, south of Bristol.
1.2.10Eddie visits a nearby pub and asks the landlord about possible drink driving.This is the Swan Inn on the Lower Tockington Road, Tockington, South Gloucestershire.
Although this shot makes it look like the pub is on the edge of some bleak moor, in reality it is in the middle of a small low lying village.
1.2.11Norman has some information for Eddie, but Eddie will have to buy a used red Ford Cortina Estate to get it.This was Suffolk Motors, 76 Church Road, Willesden, London NW10.

The sales forecourt where they are standing is now flats, and the cream flats in the background have been replaced with a terrace of modern houses. Only the brick building in the top right of the picture is still there.
1.2.12Eddie visits Pascoe at his scrap yard to ask about the van.This was "Volkswagen Salvage" at 5 Trumpers Way, Hanwell, London
1.2.13Eddie talks to Reverand Appleby.This is Rectory Cottage, Church Road, London W7
1.2.15Eddie and Erica discuss Mrs Appleby's valuable antique bureau.This is Boyce's Avenue, Clifton, Bristol
1.2.17Eddie looks for antique shopsThis was a shop at 14 The Mall, Clifton, Bristol.
1.2.20 Eddie looks for antique shops This is at the corner of The Mall and Portland Street, Clifton, Bristol.
1.2.30 Erica talks to the shopkeeper at an antiques shop. The shop "Focus on Antiques" still exists, at 25 Waterloo Street, Clifton, Bristol. They have an interesting collection of antiques and bric-a-brac, and still remember the Shoestring days.
1.2.34Erica searches for the bureauThis is looking east on Portland Street, Clifton, Bristol. The no-entry signs are at the north end of Waterloo Street.
1.2.37Erica finds the bureau in the window of "Sanctuary Antiques".The shop "Sanctuary Antiques" was Clifton Antiques Ltd, on Waterloo Street, Clifton, Bristol. This is the same road as  "Antiques in Focus" (1.2.30) above. The premises is now a Japanese restaurant.
1.2.40 Eddie talks to the local detectives This is on the steps between 57 and 59 Baldwin Street, Bristol.
1.2.40The "knockers" are at a house trying to buy more furniture.This is "The Old Rectory" east of Nempnett Thrubwell, Chew Valley, south of Bristol
1.2.45Eddie talks to Claire Stevens while she is doing the catering for a wedding.This is Beech Court near Winford, on the corner of Kingdown Road and Old Hill, south of Bristol.
1.2.50 Eddie finds the drivers of the green Ford van in the auction rooms. The auction room building was Osmond Tricks in Regent Street, Clifton, Bristol. The shops in this road have changed a lot and the auction rooms are now Pizza Express.
1.2.60 Eddie chases the van. He drives into Hensmans Hill, then Cornwallis Crescent, and Granby Hill, Clifton, Bristol.
1.2.70    Then the action jumps across Bristol to Upper Street.
1.2.80 Then down Summer Hill, Bristol.
1.2.90 Eddie stops to let a lady cross the road and his car is rammed from behind. This is at the top of the hill at the junction of Totterdown/Vale Street/Upper Street, Bristol.
1.2.100 Eddie's car is hit by the van.
The boys hit Eddie's car down Totterdown to the junction with Park Street, and then down Park Street before forcing it onto some rough grass. The rough grass where he stops is now paved over.
1.2.105Eddie takes Barabara Knight to lunch.This was in "Jaspers Bun in the Oven" Kew Green, London.
1.2.110 Eddie’s tip-off about the Ford van leads him to a run-down shed and a concrete jetty. This is the old River Severn ferry terminal at Beachley, underneath the west side of the Severn Bridge. The shed has since been replaced by a more substantial building.
1.2.120 Eddie and brothers Jeremy and Charles have a mud fight. This is to the right of the slip-way seen above.
1.2.130 Eddie and Erica say goodbye to Claire Stevens. This is in the multi-storey car park in Prince Street, Bristol. They are on the west side of the car park as you can just make out the docks outside.