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An Uncertain Circle

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Location notes
1.4.10Eddie makes enquiries at a holiday campThis is now called Bywaves, Bracklesham Bay, between Portsmouth and Chichester
Eddie says goodbye to Marion Cutler the social worker, at the railway station.The sign in the background says the next train is going to Worle, Tiverton, Burnham on Sea and Exeter, but this is Chichester station - nowhere near the west country.
1.4.40Eddie visits one of the houses which was photographed from the air. This one belongs to Benny Sheldon.This house is east of Bosham Hoe about 5 miles south west of Chichester. 
1.4.50Eddie makes enquiries with a pilot at the local airfield who agrees to take him up.
This is Chichester/Goodwood airfield. The airfield now has a lot more buildings than are seen here.

The plane that Eddie goes up in has the registration G-BEBZ and this was registered to the airfield as new in 1976, and it is still flying (as of March 2014, but with a different paint scheme) and it is now based at Exeter airport.
1.4.55Don and Benny Sheldon discuss Eddie on the golf course.Location unknown.
1.4.60Eddie is told to meet up at a church – but it’s a trap.This is the Church of St James, Church Lane, Birdham in West Sussex, about 5 miles south west of Chichester.
1.4.70Eddie decides that photographer Nick Forest must have seen something out to sea, so works out the location from the photograph.These aerial views are of Ventnor on the Isle of Wight! The pier referred to as Ramshead pier  is the Ventnor Pier which was removed in 1993.
1.4.80Eddie plots the probable location of the plane on a map giving him the “circle of uncertainty”.According to his map the location seems to be off the coast of Ilfracmbe, which follows the West Country theme of the series.
1.4.90The view from the plane shown here agrees with Eddie's aerial photo so they must be in the right place.This is off the coast of Ventnor, Isle of Wight again.
1.4.100The plane flies over the coast.But this exterior shot of the plane shows it is flying over East Wittering near Chichester.
1.4.110Eddie arrives at the fort.
The pilot told him that this was built in Napoleonic times in the Bristol Channel.
In real life this one is Spitbank Fort near Portsmouth, one of several similar forts in the Solent.
The photo below is a cropped version of a larger picture take by Mr eNIL. The full version is available on Wikipedia and Flickr.