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Listen to Me

Screen shot
Location notes
1.5.4Eddie goes to see Mel at the florist's shop.Location unknown.
1.5.7Mel goes up to the roof of Radio West and looks across the skyline.This shot is of "One Redcliff Street" in Bristol, and is taken from Favell House, which is the neighbouring building north of the Radio West building. Strangely this rooftop is not used for the rest of the programme...
1.5.10Mel Shepherd on the roof of Radio West. Much of the action takes place on the roof-top.Having spent many hours searching for this location, I am pleased to say that this is definitely the roof of 58 Uxbridge Road Ealing London (on the corner with St Leonard's Rd).

This is now Broadcast Data Services (Red Bee). Some of the buildings in this road have since been demolished.
1.5.11In the background of the shot above, a gas holder can be seen, with two towers nearby. This was probably the Brentford Gas Works (since demolished).

1.5.20Sonia offers Mel a cup of tea.In the opposite direction behind Sonia (looking north) is St Stephen's church spire on the horizon.

58 Uxbridge Rd again.
1.5.22Mel looks over the edge of the wall a the Radio West car park below.This is the car park behind 58 Uxbridge Rd. The view from Google maps is remarkably similar.

During the Shoestring days the building was occupied by various departments of the BBC, and was called Bilton House.
1.5.30Eddie goes to the jeweller's shop where the robbery and murder took place.This on the south side of Church Street, in Twickenham, London.
1.5.40The photographer's flat
Eddie heads for the flats where the newspaper photographer lives.This is Old House Gardens, Park Road, Twickenham, London.
1.5.50The office for the local newspaper the Western Daily Post.This might be Fairfax Street, Bristol