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Nine Tenths of the Law

Screen shot
Location notes
1.6.10At the start of the programme June is seen leaving “Clifton Primary School” with her friend.This is Druid Stoke House in Druid Stoke Avenue, Stoke Bishop, Bristol. It is now a BUPA nursing home.
The trees and hedges in this area are considerably more mature/taller these days.
1.6.20June and her friends walk home.This is at the west end of Broad Street in Bristol.

The next few shots of June walking home follow a believable route through the old part of Bristol.
1.6.25Albion CourtJune and her friends emerge from a passageway, but who is following them?The girls exit the Albion Chambers passageway and cross Small Street in the centre of Bristol.
1.6.27June and her friend walk home, being followed by a mysterious man.This is All Saints Lane in Bristol.
1.6.30June and her friend walk home.This is All Saints Square, off All Saints Lane in Bristol.
1.6.32A car stopsJune walks ahead of her friend,
then a car pulls up and the door opens...
This is the exit to the All Saints Court passageway in High Street in Bristol, with the Wine Street buildings in the background.
1.6.35Eddie gets a tip-off from the landlady but June and her dad have already left via the fire escape.Location unknown.

There are many roads in the Ealing area that look very similar to this one.
1.6.40June and her Dad run across a bridge.This is the Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol.

If they are trying to run away from Bristol then they are heading in the wrong direction!
1.6.50Eddie talks to Mr Halliday, one of the keepers at the zoo.This is Bristol Zoo, Clifton, Bristol.
1.6.60Eddie is chased through a park by two security guards in a Land Rover.
Robert Banks Stewart remembers that this location was in a park in Greenford, London, not far from the Duke of Kent Pub in Scotch Corner (picture 1.6.105 below).

So this could well be Horsenden Woods in Greenford. It is the only park in the area with a grassy hill, going down to deciduous woods at the bottom of the hill, and it adjoins a road with semi-detached houses (Woodland Rise) seen in a later shot.
1.6.63"Mr Tom" and Ralph the security  guards threaten Eddie.
Horsenden Woods (probably) again.

In this memorable scene Tom is brilliantly played by Harry H Corbett.
1.6.65Eddie runs off and talks to a passing stranger to get away from Tom and Ralph.
Horsenden Woods (probably) again.
1.6.70Eddie goes into the library to find the librarian. This is Pitzhanger Manor in MattockLane, Ealing, London. It was a library at the time of the Shoestring filming, and very close to the Ealing studios. The building is now called the PM Gallery and House.
1.6.80Eddie talks to the librarian. This is on the footbridge over Bond Street, Bristol.
1.6.90Eddie swerves around the traffic trying to get away from Tom and Ralph.This is looking west along the B3128 Clevedon Road, at the junction with Portbury Lane, west of Bristol.
1.6.100June and her dad hide out in the scout hut.This is the toilet block of the Walter Davies Scouting Centre campsite in Stoke Poges Buckinghamshire.
1.6.105Eddie calls in at the pub looking for June's mum.This is the Duke of Kent in Scotch Corner, West Ealing, London.
1.6.110Tom and Ralph in the Land Rover, hearing that Eddie's car has been found. This is St James Barton roundabout in Bristol.
1.6.120Eddie talks to the father on the ship.This is probably in Avonmouth docks as the tug boat “Pengarth” behind the ship operated in Avonmouth, and other shots show that they are in a very large docks. The building behind them is probably a granary.