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The Link Up
Screen shot
Location notes
1.7.10Eddie goes round to a women’s refuge to talk to  Mrs Craig about her dead husband. Location unknown.
1.7.20Eddie visits Val Colefax at home.Location unknown.
1.7.30Eddie follows the doctor and Val Colefax from outside her shop ”Little Apple”.This is looking eastwards on Pitshanger Lane in Ealing, London. The road to the left of the shot is Curzon Road.

The "Little Apple" shop in the programme is now the "Cats Protection".
1.7.40Eddie follows the doctor and Val Colefax to an abandoned water mill.This is the Burton Watermill, 2 miles south of Petworth in West Sussex. The mill was restored in 1970 and refurbished in 1984. The building now looks very presentable.
This location took a lot of finding!
1.7.50Eddie goes punting with Erica.Location unknown.
1.7.60Eddie visits CJ Daniels the radio ham at her house. Location unknown.
1.7.70Eddie finds the boat “Little Appple” hidden in a shed next to the river. This was a tricky one!

This is the "thatched boat house" in the grounds of Pond Head House on Hayling Island near Portsmouth. The author and aeronautical engineer Nevil Shute (Norway)  lived there from 1941 to 1950.
1.7.80Eddie returns to the shed with Don to show him the boat.By the looks of the satellite view from Google  (200m NE from here) the boat house is no longer thatched - which is why it was so tricky to find.
1.7.90Following some technical help from Harry an engineer at Radio West, Eddie finds Jimmy Colefax in the Little Apple moored at the side of a river.Following on from the previous boat house location, this is probably the jetty 200 metres to the north of  the boat house. The mooring is on a small tidal inlet rather than on a river.
1.7.100Val Colefax turns up at the boat. As above.