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Stamp Duty

Screen shot
Location notes
1.8.10Joss Hargreaves arrives at his coastal house. This house is just behind the dunes in Burnham on Sea.
1.8.20Stricklands men rough up Joss Hargreaves.This is at the junction of Windsor Place and Victoria Terrace in Clifton, Bristol.
1.8.30Andy the milkman sees the incident and escapes in his milk float.Andy drives up Windsor Place, Clifton, Bristol.
1.8.40Andy phones Eddie from a phone box, with Clifton suspension Bridge in the background. This is on Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol.
1.8.50Eddie leaves Erica’s house.Royal York Crescent, Clifton, Bristol.
1.8.60Andy leaves the dairy on his bike.This is in Meriton Street, Bristol.
1.8.70Andy hides from Strickland's men in the docks.This is in the Albion dry dock, Bristol
1.8.80Andy calls Eddie from the phone box under the bridge.This is Victor Street, off Albert Road, Bristol, underneath the railway bridge.
1.8.85Andy runs across the bridge chased by Stricklands men.Andy is heading West along a footpath on the south side of the railway bridge over the Avon, just east of the A4. This is the bridge from the previous scene.
1.8.90Eddie tests the rifle mic.This is the "Radio West" building on Welsh Back, Bristol.
1.8.95Eddie goes round to Andy's house in Arlington Road.Strangely, there is such a Bristol address but this definitely isn't it!
This is in Princes Road in Ealing, London. The houses in this road look a lot nicer these days than they did in Eddie's time.
1.8.100Eddie is filled with booze and driven up the motorway...This shot is two bridges east of J18 on the M4 (the electricity pylon in the background gives it away).
1.8.110...and dumped on the road.Thanks to a clever bit of editing this is not the stretch of motorway that it seems to be. Notice the lack of central reservation barriers.

Is this the "road to knowhere" in Yate, not far from Bristol? - Does the road to knowhere have an embankment like the one seen in this shot?

The stuntman who appears in this shot recall it as being somewhere near London, but doesn't remember exactly where.
1.8.120Eddie tries to find the people listed in Hargreaves' book.Location unknown.

1.8.130Eddie leaves the office where Diana Ollerton works.This is the Corn Exchange, Bristol. Note the Bristol "nail" on the pavement.
1.8.135Andy emerges from his hiding place in the docks.This was probably the part of the Bristol Docks that is now the Bristol Marina. This shot was probably taken from near Cliftonwood Crescent.
 This area has since been developed and the basin and slipways have changed.
Are those concrete columns something to do with launching boats?
1.8.140Strickland picks up his heavies.This is by the toll buildings on the east side of the Clifton suspension bridge
1.8.150Eddie finds Hargreave’s coastal house and walks from the garden to the dunes.This is the back garden of the house seen in location 1.8.10
1.8.160Eddie finds the other Mrs Hargreaves (or Diana Ollerton as he thought he knew her) under a lighthouse.This is the nine legged lighthouse on Brean Sands, Burnham on Sea. It is indeed on the beach near to the house in the previous scene.
While out in her car, Erica sees Andy delivering milk.Erica is driving past Princes Buildings (Sion Hill, Clifton). Andy is delivering milk to Wellington Terrace, just round the corner from Erica's house (although she is driving the wrong way to get to her house).
1.8.180Eddie gets a confession from Strickland.This is on the Brean Down peninsular. The small building behind Strickland is part of Brean Down Fort on the very end of the headland.
1.8.190The confession is recorded by George, the Radio West sound man, from a boat in the bay.The town in the background is Weston Super Mare.