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The Dangerous Game
pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.10.10 Following the Radio West appeal, Eddie is delivering toys to the hospital. Erica is following. Eddie is drivng along Broad Street, Bristol. This road has been used before - in the opening titles, Nine Tenths of the Law, and The Mayfly Dance.
2.10.20Erica is following along behind Eddie.The background shows she is driving along Wellington Terrace, Clifton, Bristol. This is not far from her house, and a couple of miles from the previous shot.
2.10.30 Following his son's accident with the Lunar Race 2000 Pete Johnson dumps the toy in the docks. This is looking from Welsh Back, Bristol, across the docks to Buchanan's Wharf in the background.
2.10.40 Eddie goes round to the Johnson's house to ask Pete about his son's accident. This is in Occupation Road, Ealing, London
2.10.50 Eddie approches Pete in the market and finds out that he bought the toy from "Taff with the Trailer". This is the St Nicholas market area in All Saints Lane, Bristol.
2.10.60 Taff with the Trailer cycles to... Taff is cycling along Oxford Place, in Clifton, Bristol, with Princess Victoria Street ahead of him.

The blocked-up windows on the left of the shot are the only clue here.
2.10.70 ... the restaurant. The restaurant was on the corner of Princess Victoria Street and the Mall in Clifton, Bristol.
The premises is now a branch of Lloyds TSB. 
2.10.80 Eddie goes to the local homeless shelter looking fo Taff... This is St John's Church in Mattock Lane, Ealing, London.
As shown on screen the church is involved with the homeless and is the base for the Ealing soup kitchen.
2.10.85...but Taff is just across the road and doesn't know Eddie is after him.The postbox is at the corner of  Loveday Road and Churchfield Road, Ealing, London, and is 50 metres south of the church above.
2.10.90 Mr Wing takes Eddie to his warehouse where all the faulty toys are stored. Maybe Buchan's Wharf South, on the east side of Redcliff Back, Bristol, before it was renovated?
2.10.100Eddie finds some homeless people, but they can't help him in his search for Taff.Location unknown.
2.10.110Eddie goes to another hostel looking for Taff.This is in Portland Street, Clifton, Bristol.
2.10.120Eddie goes into a pub.This is the rear of the Coronation Tap pub at the west end of Portland Street, Clifton, Bristol.
2.10.130Eddie is looking for every one of the stolen faulty toys.The Kwik Save seen here was at 59 Whiteladies Road, Clifton, Bristol.
2.10.140Eddie visits Mr Patel at his shop and gets the names and addresses of the people who bought the toy from him.Location unknown.
2.10.150Eddie recovers another faulty toy, this one is from Mrs Goringe.Location unknown.

Looks like west London.
2.10.160Eddie asks the man from the Salvation Army band if he knows where Taff might be.This is the Hatchet Inn, Frogmore Lane, Bristol. A sign on the wall says "Bristol's oldest pub. Established circa 1500".

The Salvation Army band seen several times in this episode were the real thing -The Bristol Citadel Band. They have also appeared several times in the BBC series "Casualty".
2.10.170The family head off for a Christmas break.This is the east side of the Clifton suspension bridge. The buildings in the background were also seen in the episode "Stamp Duty".
2.10.180The family drive off.This is the Clifton suspension bridge, Bristol.
2.10.190Taff comes out of a pub drunk.This is the Hatchet Inn again, Frogmore Lane, Bristol.
2.10.200Taff has an accident on his bike.This is Culver Street in Bristol. The building in the background is still there but the steps that Taff cycles down have since gone due to redevelopment.

The Hatchet Inn in the previous shot is only 50 metres down the hill from this location, so it almost follows logically. 
2.10.210The Salvation Army are playing at the hospital and one of the band spots Taff's bike there.Location unknown.

JW of the Salvation Army writes "at the time the Equity Union insisted that an actor had to be 'planted' in the band, and so one of the 'bandsmen' in every Salvation Army band scene is not really a Salvation Army bandsman but an actor in a uniform we provided.
2.10.220The Radio West staff are having there Christmas party. Eddie is almost resigned to not finding the last faulty toy. Then the announcer runs across wih a message. This is outside the "Radio West" building at Welsh Back, Bristol.
2.10.230Eddie finds the letter from the little girl telling Santa where they have gone.There is no such place as "Little upon Severn near Thornbury"...
2.10.240Eddie arrives at the holiday cottage and saves the day....but there is a place called Littleton upon Severn, near Thornbury, South Gloucestershire and the house shown in this shot is on the Stock Hill road between Littleton and Thornbury.