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Room with a View

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.1.10 An old lady goes into her local shop. Location unknown.
2.1.20Eddie talks to the estate agent outside the flat.Location unknown.
2.1.30 Eddie makes enquiries. This is probaby West Mall, Clifton, Bristol.
2.1.40 Eddie goes to see Mrs Fuller about her husband. Location unknown.
2.1.50 Eddie talks to the surveyor and suffers from vertigo. This is on the roof of the Avon Gorge Hotel, Sion Hill, Clifton, Bristol.
2.1.60 Eddie goes to see Duke Winsor. This was Vicki's Nightclub in Park Street, Bristol. It is now called the Antix. 
2.1.70 Eddie goes to see the NOMAD squatters. Location unknown.
2.1.80 Duke Winsor gives Eddie a warning at his tennis club. This is the Clifton Lawn Tennis Club in Beaufort Road, Clifton, Bristol.
2.1.90 Eddie goes to the Bristol Hippodrome to see the pianist. As shown in the programme, this is the Bristol Hippodrome on St Augustine's Parade, Bristol.
2.1.100Eddie goes into the Bristol Hippodrome via the stage door.This is the stage door of the Bristol Hippodrome, Denmark Street, Bristol.
2.1.110Eddie tries to find Allan Fuller in a "real five star place".This is now the Louisiana pub, Wapping Road, Bristol.
2.1.120Eddie follows the couple through a gorge.This is Cliff Road, the road that winds through Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.
2.1.130Eddie wrestles Brook to the ground to try to stop him throwing Mrs Fuller off the cliff.This is presumably on the cliffs above the Cheddar Gorge, Somerset.