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The Teddy Bears' Nightmare

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.2.10 Don Satchley is fishing on a reservoir when he sees a man (Reeves) stealing a handbag from a couples' car. This is Wentwood Reservoir, about 10 miles north east of Newport in Wales.
2.2.20Don shouts to the couple then drives his boat towards them to warn them.Wentwood Reservoir has a very distinctive outlet  shaped like a castle tower. Even so, this location took a while to find - for some reason it was not listed on the Wikipedia list of dams and reservoirs in th UK.
2.2.30 The couple see Don motoring towards them and jump into their car and drive off. They drive westward, along the Wentwood dam's embankment.
2.2.40 Don picks up the empty handbag and Eddie traces it to its rightful owner - Christine Page. This is in Liverpool Road, Ealing, London.
2.2.50 Reeves tries to sell information to Cahill at his riverside club. This is now a disused building on the side of the River Thames on Mill Lane, 100 metres north of the Bath Road bridge in Taplow, Maidenhead.
2.2.60 Driving to the safe house in the Wye Valley. This is the A40, 2 miles north of Monmouth, not far from the actual location of the safe house (see below).
2.2.70Eddie follows Christine Page from her house to a police station and then waits outside.This shot is looking south west down Netheravon Road South towards the junction with Chiswick Lane South.
2.2.80 Christine eventually emerges - as a police woman. The "police station" was at the junction of Netheravon Road South and British Grove Passage in Chiswick, London.

The building on this corner has since been redeveloped.
2.2.90 Christine Page pays the blackmailer at a shopping centre, but Eddie is there too. This is inside the Brent Cross shoping centre, Hendon.
2.2.100 Eddie spots Reeves collecting the payoff and gives chase. Brent Cross shopping centre again. Notice how lots of the shoppers have stopped to watch the filming.
2.2.103Eddie goes to find Reeves in a strip club.Strangely, this wasn't a real strip club, nor a set in a BBC studio. It was set up in a disused pub/hotel in Monmouth called the White Swan.

LH writes: My school teacher Mr Leigh Thomas and my dad's friend Mr Dave Pritchard were extras in the  pub scene filmed in Monmouth.
One of them is the gentleman sitting in the front row shown here.
2.2.107Eddie meets Boxer to try and get to the bottom of the case.This is the "Punch House" pub in  Monmouth. It's less than 100 metre from the White Swan of the previous location. The inside of the pub hasn't changed much since the Shoestring days.
2.2.110Cahill's men drive to the police safe house to deal with the informer Joe Anderson.This is possibly the A466, 500 metres south west of the Livox Cottages, in the Forest of Dean. The cliff is now covered in trees.
2.2.120The police arrive at the safe house and prevent Cahill's men from getting away.This is Biblins Lodge, a house in a remote location on the bank of the River Wye, in the Wye Valley, and only 250 metres from Biblins bridge below.

The owners of Biblins Lodge now run it as a B&B and tea garden (try one of their home made scones). They remember the time when Shoestring was filmed there. They say that the house was not in great condition at that time but the BBC made it look worse - the tarpaulin on the left side of the house roof was added purely for the filming.
2.2.130Eddie chases Joe Anderson across a steel rope bridge.This is the Biblins suspension bridge in the Wye Valley, built by the Forestry Commission in 1957.

These days the bridge has a solid floor and access ramps at each end.