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Mocking Bird

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.3.10 Eddie gets advice about the attacker from Dr Sterling, the psychiatrist. Location unknown.
Is this Severn Beach?
2.3.20Linda tries to identify her attacker from the identity parade.Location unknown. Lots of prefabs here so they might not be around anymore...
2.3.30 Eddie goes to the police station to see how things are progressing. This is the same "police station" door that Mole comes out of in Find the Lady - i.e. the King Edward Hospital, Mattock Lane in Ealing, London.
2.3.35Eddie gives Erica a lift to the court.This is the Prince Street Bridge, Bristol.
The brick building in the background has since been replaced by flats called "Merchants House". The bridge now has a weight limit and only one lane is used for vehicles, with traffic light control.
2.3.39Sonia gets homeSonia arrives home...This  is at the bottom of a road called "Glendale" in Clifton, Bristol.
2.3.40  ...but someone is waiting for her. Sonia's house would be at the south east end of Glendale, where it meets Polygon Lane.
2.3.50 Eddie goes looking for Ron Bazely's wife in an amusement arcade. The amusement arcade that Eddie goes into is at 127 Broadway, Ealing, London.

It is now called Reels Amusements.
2.3.60 Eddie goes looking for Ron Bazely at Ring-a-rod. The manager is unhelpful but Eddie hears him warning Ron that someone is looking for him. "Ring-a-Rod" is next to the premises of  Chamberlain Building Contractors at 4 Clifton Road, Clifton, Bristol.

If you look carefully you can see the Chamberlain's sign just above Eddie's right shoulder.
2.3.70 Eddie goes to the Lion pub to find Ron Bazely... This is the Lion pub in Church Lane, Clifton, Bristol.
2.3.80 ...and follows Ron Bazely to a caravan park. Location unknown.
2.3.90 The attacker lures Erica to Eddie's boat, but Eddie gets there in time. This is Portavon Marina near Keynsham, Bristol.

Dave Branfield says " I was a police officer working nights in 1980.  I was on patrol driving a panda car in the Keynsham area when at about 1am I saw a bright light in the sky coming from the marina area. I drove down to find out what was going on and came across the film crew. They thought I was an actor, and the director questioned why a police car and actor had been requested as it wasn't required for this scene. I then told him I was a real one who trying to find out what was going on as it looked like the night had been turned into daylight.  He laughed and pointed me in the direction of the food wagon!"