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The Farmer had a Wife

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Location notes
25.10 The police are at David Mortimer's watercress farm searching for his  wife who has mysteriously disappeared.   The watercress farm was just south of Marsh Lane in Coombe Bissett near Salisbury, Wiltshire.
These days it is no longer a watercress farm.
2.5.20The villagers of Gadfoal suspect Mortimer of murdering his wife and plaster his windows with watercess.Location unknown.
2.5.30 Eddie arrives in the village to investigate. This is in the village of Teffont Evias in Wiltshire.
2.5.40 Eddie goes to the farmhouse to see Mortimer. Location unknown.
2.5.50 Eddie asks about the Mortimers at the local bowls club. Location unknown.
2.5.60 Eddie talks to Gladys Robinson while they deliver the "morning" papers. This is in the village of Teffont Magna in Wiltshire. (Gladys is played by Pam St Clement - Pat Butcher of East Enders)
2.5.70 Eddie goes back to see Gladys who is selling fruit and veg at the side of the road. This is another part of Teffont Magna
2.5.80 Eddie goes to the local surgery to find Dr Claire Wilson. Teffon Magna again, with the church in the background.
2.5.90 While jogging in the park Eddie is joined by some "roughs" and gets thrown into the pond. Location unknown.
Possibly Walpole Park, Ealing?
2.5.100The men who threw Eddie into the pond were dressed in university rowing club tracksuits so Eddie checks them out. He finds that Dr Knightley is the trainer.Location unknown.
2.5.110Eddie crashes Dr Knightley's garden party.Location unknown.
2.5.120Eddie finds Mrs Mortimer teaching at a convent school.This is the Digby Stuart College, a Roman Catholic founation and part of the University of Roehampton, in Roehampton Lane, London SW15 5PU. In 1982 the college hosted the visit of Pope John Paul II.

Thanks to Dene K for spotting this one in a 1980 edition of "The Stage & Television Today".