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Utmost Good Faith

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.6.10 A businessman (Tim Reynolds) gets stopped on the street by an unpleasant couple (Mrs Walsh and Parker). Location unknown.
2.6.20A man with a pneumatic drill is digging up the road nearby.The building behind the worker is the same one that Tim Reynolds jumps from - so the road behind him is Dale Street in Bristol.
2.6.25Tim Reynolds comes out of a large office block, climbs into a hoist and goes up the front of the building...Even though this building is around 20 floors tall and the two wings meet at approximately 120 rather than the usual 90 it took some finding. Not surprising really as it has since been demolished.
It is the old Tollgate House flats in Newfoundland Street, Bristol.
The site is now the car park for the Cabot Circus shopping centre.
2.6.27Tim Reynolds looks down at the traffic...This would indeed have been the view from Tollgate House (see previous shot). All of the buildings visible on the side of the road opposite are still there. The white painted building with the arch is Magnet House, 53 Newfoundland Street, Bristol, now occupied by CW Duke.
2.6.30 Eddie arrives at Reynolds Electronics The Reynolds factory was probably at 683 Stirling Road in Slough. Other premises on this road look just like this one, but the  building on this site has since been replaced by a large modern unit, currently used by Aircraft Breaking Systems.
2.6.40 Eddie talks to Mrs Reynolds about why the business colapsed. At the rear of the Reynolds premises is the east cooling tower of the Slough power station.
2.6.50 The debt collectors call at Mrs Reynolds house. This is in Rectory Lane, Easton-in-Gordano near Bristol.
2.6.60 Eddie makes enquiries about the Reynolds credit rating at Blesstowes. Location unknown.
2.6.65Eddie tags along with a school visit and gets into the Confidata computer centre.This is the mainframe computer room at CEGB Bedminster Down, near Bristol. Ian Davis who used to work there says a test program was used to get the magnetic tape decks to move in a "more realistic" way.
2.6.70 Eddie gets the address of Fenscott Finance by asking the courier to take a very large parcel. Location unknown.
2.6.80Eddie races to get to Mrs Reynolds houseLocation unknown.

In his haste Eddie has got into the wrong car! Note the change of registration number.
2.6.90 Eddie forces his old colleague Dave to make changes to the Reynolds' credit rating at Confidata and then takes him to his car. This is the Castlemead building on Lower Castle Street, Bristol.
At the rate Bristol city centre is being rebuilt, see it now before it disappears!
2.6.100 Dave escapes and jumps into the Fenscott car and Eddie gives chase. This was the Bond Street car park, since demolished. 
2.6.110Eddie follows them to a derelict lido.This was the Blue Lagoon, a lido at Severn Beach. It was built in the early 1930s but had clearly fallen into disrepair by the time the BBC arrived to film Shoestring.
2.6.120Eddie makes his way through the dereliction.The large building in the background is still there today on Beach Road, Severn Beach. The village post office occupies one of the ground floor premises.
2.6.130Eddie gets attacked by Parker.The Blue Lagoon again. This is about half a mile south of the English side of the Second Severn Crossing.
2.6.140Then Parry attachs him with a broken bottle.The Blue Lagoon again. The entire lido has since been demolished and a housing estate has been built on the site.
2.6.150Eddie tells Erica that he used to be a debt collector.This travelator was in the Shepherds Bush shopping precinct on Uxbridge Road, London.
It has been used for other TV series such as The Professonals (the episode "Involvement"), and The Sweeney.