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Looking for Mr Wright

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Location notes
2.7.10 Erica makes a mess of her legal case because her assistant Lois did not prepare her papers properly. This is the east door of the Ealing Town Hall on New Broadway, Ealing, London. 
2.7.20When Erica finds out that Lois is upset that her date disappeared mid-meal, she calls in Eddie to help.This is the terrace cafe next to the Roman baths in Stall Street / Bath Street, Bath.
2.7.30 Eddie goes to the dating agency office to find more information on Mr Wright. Location unknown.
2.7.40 Eddie talks to the waiter at the restaurant. The restaurant was at 92 Kensington Park Road, London.
This site is now called "The Armitage".
2.7.50 Eddie talks to a lady who was a customer at the restaraunt. This is the Bank of England Sports Centre, Priory Lane, Roehampton, London.

This is the same swimming pool that Eddie visited in the first episode "Private Ear" where he pushes Tony Hendry (played by Sean Arnold) into the pool at the "Brinsley Park Sports Club".
Eddie goes to the fairground looking for Maggie Devlin...
Graham Downie writes "This is the Glastonbury Tor Fair, a chartered fair held every September for many years on this site".

The houses seen in the background are still standing on  the A361 Street Road.

2.7.70 where he runs into Maggie's suspicious sons. Glastonbury Tor Fair again.

The fair is held elsewhere in Glastonbury these days because the site has been turned into a Morrisons supermarket, car park, and petrol station.
2.7.80 Eddie has little to go on until Lois tells him that all she has left is a faded rose...
This is the riverside walk on the east side of the river Avon between Pulteney Bridge and North Parade bridge in Bath.
The park on the opposite side of the river was used in the episode from Series 1 called I'm a Believer.
2.7.90 Eddie goes to the florists... Location unknown.
2.7.100...and finds that Mr Wright is a regular customer.Location unknown.
2.7.110Eddie goes to Mr Wright's flat - number 82.These are the Haven Green Court flats in Ealing.
2.7.120Eddie waits for the caretaker to leave before going in.
Haven Green Court again.
The flats look almost exactly the same today - and even the canopy over the door is still there.
2.7.130But Mr Wright has already moved out to a hotel.Location unknown.