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Another Man's Castle

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.8.10 A couple are moving house. Location unknown.
2.8.20The removers pull of the road for a "cup of char and a burger".This is on the A3 east of Kingston upon Thames, just underneath the Coombe Lane flyover.

The Esso garage in the background is still an Esso garage.
2.8.30 The stolen furniture is delivered to the holiday house. Location unknown.
2.8.40 Erica goes to see Eddie on his boat.
2.8.50 Terry Bowen crosses the road in front of his office. This is London Road, Dorchester, just west of the junction with Salisbury Street.

Bowens office is now the Siam Corner Thai Restaurant.

2.8.60 Eddie goes to see the couple about their stolen furniture. The house is in Church Lane, Ealing, London.
2.8.70 Eddie finds the removers and asks them about the stolen furniture. Location unknown.
2.8.80 Terry Bowen delivers the bad news to a very old tenant. Location unknown.
2.8.90 Eddie talks to Trader at his second hand market stall. Dorchester market, Fairfield Road, Dorchester.
2.8.100Eddie takes part in a celebrity tug of war fund raiser.Swanage beach, just south of the Shore Rd/Victoria Avenue junction.

The shelter with the clock tower in the background is still there.
2.8.110Eddie and Terry Bowen discuss business on a boat.The boat is moored on the east side of the Swanage Pier
2.8.120Eddie drives through the town with Trader trying to find the girl.They are driving along Station Road in Swanage. The building in front of them is The Mowlem Theatre.
2.8.130Eddie meets Erica.This is on the approach to the pier at Swanage.
2.8.140Eddie meets Erica.On the approach to the pier at Swanage. There is still a diving centre at this location.
2.8.150Cleo and her boyfriend take stock of their situation.On the beach, just to the east of Swanage Pier
2.8.160Eddie asks the old man on the beach about the house on the hill.This is probably Ringstead Bay.
2.8.170Eddie investigates Bowen's holiday house.Location unknown.
2.8.180Eddie talks to Cleo while her boyfriend tries to sell the chess set to Trader.Dorchester Market again, Fairfield Road, Dorchester.