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Where was I?

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.9.10 Whilst out camping on the moors Keith Amery sees some people suddenly run towards a helicopter, and a man gets in.
Then Keith gets chased by the helicopter and falls and bangs his head.
Exact location unknown. Probably Exmoor and probably near Landacre Bridge.
2.9.20Keith gets rescued by a passing farmer.This is Landacre Bridge, Exmoor.
2.9.30 Keith eventually finds his way home just before his wife and daughter arrive. Now this is a weird one!

My neighbour has a strong Bristol accent so I asked him if he knew of any Shoestring filming locations. He told me that they filmed at his sister's house. What a bit of luck I thought, and I expected him to say that her house was in Clifton or similar but no, he told me that it was in the North East of Ealing!  And it's this one seen here.
Sadly, this beautiful  house was demolished in about 2015 and flats have been built on the site.  
2.9.40 The Australians take the camping equipment to Ellery's camping shop to try and trace the owner. The red door on the left is the Mill Hill pub on the corner of Gunnersbury Lane and Mill Hill Road in Acton, London.
2.9.50 The Australians go into the camping shop. Location unknown.

This is probably not the premises next to the previous shot.
2.9.60 Denise visits a prisoner at the prison.
This is Dartmoor prison, in Princetown, Dartmoor. This shot is taken from near the B3357 Tavistock Road, on the north west side of the prison.
2.9.90 Denise and Ralph drive across the moors. Location unknown.

Probably Exmoor.
2.9.80 Denise and Ralph discuss getting Tom out of prison. Location unknown.

Probably Exmoor.
2.9.90 Following a Radio West request to find Keith's car, Eddie goes to the car park in Taunton and argues with the jobsworth car park attendant until he eventually lets the car go. The car park no longer exists. The site is now occupied by the Ealing Broadway shopping centre in Ealing, London.
2.9.100Eddie searches through Keith's car and finds the receipt for the camping equipment.The temporary car park in Ealing again.

The terrace of houses in the background is on the east side of Western Road, Ealing, London. The spire of "Our Lady Mother of the Church" just off Ealing Broadway is visible in another shot.
2.9.110Eddie and Denise talk to the farmer who gave Keith the lift.Location unknown.
2.9.120Eddie and Denise have to resort to the available transport to get to "Brightwater Coombe".This is probably Landacre Lane, Exmoor, about one mile north of Landacre bridge.
2.9.130Eddie races down the hill to the bridge.This is the hill on the east side of Landacre Bridge.
2.9.140...but when Eddie gets to the bridge...This is Landacre Bridge on Exmoor.
2.9.150 ...Denise is already there.Landacre Bridge again.
2.9.160At the railway station Keith gets kidnapped by the Australians and Eddie tries to give chase.  This is Williton station on the West Somerset Railway. There is a feature about the Shoestring filming on the West Somerset Railway website.

Another station on this railway was used in the Shoestring episode Higher Ground from Series 1.
2.9.170Ralph stops at a phone box to set off the bomb in the beach hut.Location unknown.
2.9.180Eddie rescues Keith from the beach hut just before it explodes.This is the beach on the north end of Braunton Burrows, south of Croyde, Devon.
2.9.190Eddie and Keith visit the valley where Keith saw the escape being practised and this jogs his memory.Exact location unknown.

Probably Exmoor and probably near Landacre Bridge.
2.9.200Eddie wrestles the prisoner to the ground and prevents him from making his getaway in the helicopter. Ralph flies off in the helicopter.Exact location unknown.

Probably Exmoor and probably near Landacre Bridge.