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The Mayfly Dance

pic# Screen shot
Location notes
2.4.10 A truck driver is giving someone a lift to the west country. If the truck is on the A4 and 43 miles from Bristol then it should be on the outskirts of Marlborough.

This is probably just a TV prop sign placed at the side of a convenient dual carriageway.
2.4.20A gentleman arrives in a chauffeur driven carThis is Broad Street, Bristol.

This is the road with the overhead clock that we see in the opening titles.
2.4.30 Station scene. This is Paddington Station, London.
2.4.35Erica and Eddie arrive in LondonThis is presumably Paddington station again.
2.4.40 Erica and Eddie take a taxi. This is Longford Street, London.
The large building that Eddie goes into is The Melia White House.
2.4.50 Vera Oakley is too late to get her letter back from the post box. This shot is from Granby Hill looking at the path that leads to a terrace of houses on The Paragon in Clifton, Bristol.

Granby Hill also features in the episode Knock for Knock.
2.4.60 The "King Arthur Club" which Mike Frewin described as "some poser's palace" Location unknown.
2.4.70 Eddie goes to find Harry on his farm in deepest Wales. Location unknown.

The places on the road sign (Rhydyfelin, Senghenydd, and Llanbradach) are all real places near Pontypridd in South Wales, but they are probably not close enough to have a sign like this.
2.4.80 Harry tells Eddie that he saw Jody Brent in Cardiff. Location unknown.
2.4.90  Eddie goes to Vera Oakley's house and finds her body. This is Goldney Avenue, Clifton, Bristol.
2.4.100Eddie drives to Cardiff.This is a strange one.
If you were only 15 miles from Newport then you would be in Wales near Caldicot. But the A4 does not go into Wales, as it terminates at Avonmouth.
The main 'A' road linking Newport to Cardiff is the A48, and the two places are only 12 miles apart, rather than the 24 miles suggested by the road sign - definitely another TV prop then.

This shot is the view heading west along the A369 Martcombe Road towards J19 of the M5, and the Gordano motorway services. 
2.4.110Eddie  goes to Cardiff docks to find Jody Brent.This was indeed Cardiff docks, looking north from the tower of the Pierhead building (next to the National Assembly for Wales building - the Senedd). However, Cardiff has undergone a massive redevelopment and almost nothing visible in this shot still exists. Even these dock basins have been filled in and the Wales Millenium Centre now occupies the left foreground.
2.4.120Eddie finds Jody Brent working in the harbour at Cardiff.This is the Portobello Docks on the Regents Canal, Paddington branch, at Ladbroke Grove. This area has since been extensively redeveloped, but the unusual arches seen in the background are still there.